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Yoga Teacher Training 


Join Julia Theisen, Karen Kramer and Scott Theisen for this powerful program. Open yourself up to an experience of personal growth and transformation. Apply the principles of yoga to your life as you delve deeper into the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and practice. Learn to instruct yoga from your inner well-spring of wisdom, inspiration and authenticity. This life changing program provides a safe, sacred community in which to explore and transform as an individual and as a teacher during this next stage of your evolution. Contact Julia Theisen, Program Leader for details: (563) 581-8888 or Download an application form HERE. 

NEXT TRAINING BEGINS APRIL 2024: Saturdays 8-6pm and Sundays 8-5pm

April 27-28  |  May 18-19  |  June 22-23  |  July 20-21  |  Aug 17-18  |  Sept 14-15  |  Oct 12-13  Nov 9-10  |  Dec 7-8

EXPLORE YOUR POTENTIAL: Open yourself up to an experience of personal growth and transformation. This life changing program provides a safe, sacred community in which to explore and transform as an individual and as a teacher during this next stage of your evolution.

  • Awaken your spirit.

  • Unleash your untapped potential.

  • Become more fully who you are.


LIVE YOUR YOGA: Apply the principles of yoga to your life as you delve deeper into the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and practice.

  • Fully embrace and apply your learning – mind, body and spirit, during this transformational experience.

  • Learn more about yourself as you explore your inner world.

  • Positively influence the lives of those around you as you transform.


BECOME AN INSPIRATIONAL TEACHER: Learn to teach from your own inner well-spring of inspiration and wisdom so that both you and your future students can experience a more profound connection through yoga practice.

  • Teach from your heart center.

  • Sequence postures in a structured, easy to deliver format to create a flowing, balanced practice.

  • Expand your skills to connect in meaningful ways through your teaching.


CERTIFICATION: This 9 month (1 weekend per month), 200 hour program, fulfills the requirements of Yoga Alliance so that you can become a certified and registered yoga instructor at the conclusion.

  • Train over a nine month period to allow for ample teaching practice and to feel well prepared to teach yoga at the program’s conclusion.

  • Be instructed by experienced yoga teachers who are also experts in group facilitation, adult education, curriculum design, health and wellness, hypnotherapy and meditation.

  • Learn from visiting yoga instructors who share their own expertise and insights into teaching.


TUITION FEE: Single Payment Option: $2850 or Multiple Payment Option: $2995 

To learn more, or to schedule a pre-registration interview, contact Julia Theisen:

YTT 200
YTT 200 Curriculum
YTT 300


Mary Janssen (2016)

This program was amazing, it has changed my life forever. I originally wasn’t sure it was right for me and decided to do the program for the personal transformation and didn’t really plan on teaching yoga because I’m an introvert and get very nervous in front of people. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be happier with my life and teaching yoga now, I wouldn’t have believed them. But after the 9 month program, I am feeling more balanced and confident then I ever have in my life and am teaching chair yoga at the library, chair and mat yoga on my own and subbing for another instructor. It has truly been an adventure of a life time and I am so very grateful to Julia, Scott and my classmates for helping and guiding me to the person I am today.

Molly Schreiber (2013)

The Heart Centered Yoga Teacher Training at Body & Soul Wellness is honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself as a person. Before the training, I had a lower level of yoga teacher training, but sought to have the 200 level training. I assumed I would become a stronger teacher throughout this training and I did. However, I had no idea what else I would come away with. The gifts I have received are treasures that will continue to benefit me for a lifetime. The gifts of meditation, heart centered yoga practice and mindfulness not only benefit me, but my family and the greater world around me . The personal transformation component of the program guides you to understand how to fully love yourself and find peace within yourself. I would highly recommend anyone I know to participate in this program.

Julie Moore (2011)

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you, Julia! And ALL of my yoga sisters. I am truly a different person because of you. My heart is lighter, my body is free-er. My Spirit is nurtured in a way that I had rarely experienced.

Meghan Hermsen (2014)

When I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training at Body & Soul I did so to gain a stronger focus on my personal yoga practice, supplement my Pilates training and the personal transformation intrigued me. I knew I needed a transformation in my life, but had no idea what I needed or how to get there. Wow, is all I can say! This program completely changed my life, with how I deal with emotions and stressors both on and off the mat, all while bringing a great love for teaching yoga and sharing what it has done for me with others.  YTT brought me home to myself, mind, body, spirit in bringing me a greater awareness of who I am, who I want to be, what I am capable of doing and the opportunities that are out there for me if I just open my heart to them.  Scott & Julia facilitate this program with love, care and guidance that it brings you to an awareness of your capabilities you never thought possible. All of this while introducing you to some of the most amazing people in the other students, finding life long friends to guide and support you along your way through the program and into your life after.

Jane Hein (2014)

There are times in our life when decisions we make forever change our being. For me, choosing to come back to Dubuque, my hometown, to achieve a long-term goal (attaining a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training) was one of those decisions. I had taken only one yoga class at Body & Soul years before, but after researching several training programs there was a calling within me to follow my intuition and come home. What I did not realize at the time is that through the process I would be coming home literally and figuratively.

Body & Soul’s Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Transformation Program is a portal to transform your body-mind-spirit, where you will learn not just to practice yoga, but fully, passionately, and with heart-centered presence power learn how to live your yoga!

Julia and Scott Theisen, owners of Body & Soul are not only experienced yoga teacher trainers, they are talented group facilitators. Along with a credentialed and highly experienced yoga faculty, Julia and Scott led myself and my fellow YTT participants on a safe sacred journey.

Returning to Dubuque allowed me to reconnect with family and also gain new friendships which I will forever carry in my soul. Experiencing my own Personal Transformation allowed me to nurture and open spaces in my heart and ignite my life-force energy. I am free to now live my Yoga for years to come!

Kathleen (2009)

All that you already appreciate about yoga will be greatly enhanced, and much that you never anticipated about yoga will be discovered. Expect an unfolding of blessings you can’t possibly imagine but strongly desire from deep within

Ann (2009)

I have looked forward to every weekend of the Body & Soul Yoga Teacher Training Program. Julia Theisen has designed, directed and taught a training program that is thorough, extensive and builds an excellent foundation for preparation of yoga teaching or simply building personal interest in yoga. I began Yoga Teacher Training expecting to become thoroughly knowledgeable of the teaching points of poses. That has certainly happened! But, more importantly, I’ve become a better person as I’ve studied the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.

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