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About Body & Soul


Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa has been operating from 2728 Asbury Road, Suite 777 in central Dubuque since June 12, 2004. It occupies 8400 square feet and sits in the beautiful campus of Fountain Park Creative Arts and Business Plaza.


Fountain Park features mature trees, outdoor sitting areas, fountains and a hip coffee shop adjacent to Body & Soul. Body & Soul is co-owned by Scott & Julia Theisen and both continue to work as managers and part-time operators.


Through a commitment to providing consistent excellence, and thanks to a talented and dedicated team and strong reputation, Body & Soul was able to open Body & Soul Downtown SpaSalon in February 2011. Situated in the historic Roshek Building at 700 Locust Street, Suite 170, Dubuque, Iowa, the SpaSalon occupied a total of 2,807 square feet. After 7 years at this location, the Salon was relocated  and incorporated into our existing location in August 2018 allowing the entire Body & Soul team to be under one roof, in one location. 

Julia and Scott Theisen

Our Unique Culture

Be with those who help your being

Our overall mission is to bring happiness, love, and mind-body-spirit well-being to our guests, our team, to the Dubuque area, and beyond. We align ourselves with divine grace in providing a safe place for people to relax, heal, connect and grow. To accomplish this mission, we focus on creating a culture at Body & Soul that lives from the core intentions below.

Our Core Intentions

1. Be Heart-Centered

2. Provide the best customer experience through “Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Service”

3. Do more with less/Improve efficiencies

4. Communicate openly, honestly and thoroughly

5. Build a positive team and family spirit

6. Create fun and playfulness

7. Pursue personal/professional growth and development (education & learning)

8. Make a positive impact on the community

9. Be humble

10. Embrace accountability and integrity

Click HERE to view complete CORE INTENTIONS information.

About Scott & Julia... and the creation of Body & Soul

” We, Scott & Julia, use our full power of intention, imagination, action and mindfulness to create the following Heart’s Desire: We work together in our center. This center nurtures healthy living and spiritual development. Our center is a sacred space that imbues order, simplicity, beauty and functionality. It is a fun place to work and has great energy. This center provides creative, fulfilling service in which we are both successful and inspired.” (Written November 2001 in Bristol, England. UK).

This affirmation has become the reality that is Body & Soul. Wow! Our meeting and subsequent journey together has been so wonderful and exciting – we’d love to share the story with you.

We met on March 1st, 2001 at Mt. Madonna Center, a well-known retreat in Northern California, at a meditation workshop with Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. Neither the distance (Julia from UK and Scott from Iowa) nor the 150 other workshop participants would interfere with destiny’s meeting. Our conscious connection began on a magical stroll through the magnificent redwood forest. That connection kept tapping on our hearts until we conversed via email two weeks after the workshop had concluded. Thus began our 18 month long distance relationship.

Scott and Julia Theisen

During this whirlwind courtship, we came to realize just exactly how each of us had attracted the other through the divine principles of intention and manifestation. We had independently created affirmations for the soul mate we wished to find, long before the Mt. Madonna meeting.

Julia: “My soul mate will meet me spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, physically, mentally and soulfully.”

Scott: Drawing upon the “recipe” for creating one’s heart’s desires as outlined by Sonia Choquette, Scott affirmed, “I am in a meaningful, loving, soulful and passionate relationship.”

Unfortunately, neither of us was specific about the geographical location of our soul mates! No matter. Four thousand miles and different cultures could never interfere with our true soul connection. And so, we each endured 7 trips (14 total) across the Atlantic. It was during these rendezvous that our souls merged and we began to dream our wildest dreams together.

  • Dreams about our relationship – “soulful, committed; keeping the relationship the central priority in our lives . . .”

  • Dreams about our home – “beautiful, warm, hospitable . . .”

  • Dreams about our family – “loving, happy, close . . .”

  • Dreams about our work together – “service, healing, fulfilling . . .”  


To maintain the energy and passion of our dreams during the times we were apart we wrote them all down as affirmations (“heart’s desires” as Sonia Choquette would call them). They travelled with us, backwards and forwards on our trips, we’d read them together and then imagine their unfolding; daydreaming and planning each one – it was so exciting! After mountains of immigration paperwork and legalities, we married in September 2002, in Galena, Illinois. Soon after, we manifested the home of our dreams – and it had everything we desired – even a meditation room!  In June 2004, Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa was born – a true reflection of our collective desire to nurture and care for others in a beautiful, serene and sacred setting. Body & Soul has a spiritual purpose, and we have been given the opportunity to be the stewards of its mission; “. . . a Safe Place for people to Relax, Heal, Connect and Grow.”  Just as it was the hand of grace that brought the two of us together, it is grace that brought into creation the God-given dream that has become Body & Soul.

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