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Fitness & Yoga Classes

Our facilities include two studios, as well as a private shower and changing area. The first week is FREE for area residents. Avoid eating approximately 2 hours before exercising. Please wear comfortable clothing and arrive (either in-person or via zoom) at least 5-10 minutes before class to maximize the experience for yourself and other participants.


Yoga is proven to reduce stress while increasing strength, balance, flexibility and overall well-being. Our yoga classes are tailored for all ages (14+) and levels of flexibility.  Modifications are given in every class so that everyone can participate. We also have a "Yoga Master Class" on the second Friday of each month - 9-10:30am. The Master Class is by zoom and is an opportunity to take a deep dive into a yoga experience with amazing yoga teachers from around the country as well as local instructors. If you aren't able to join live a recording of the class will be sent to you. Register for the Master Class in the workshop page of MindBody online HERE.

Our fitness classes will help you burn fat and develop a sleek, toned body. You’ll love these fun, energizing workouts for all levels.

* Note - when in-person classes aren't available there will be a zoom class only. 



Best value if you practice 1-2 times per week: 2 x week = $8.13/class 3 x week = $5.42/class 4 x week = $4.06/class


$13.50 DROP IN

$20 Master Class / Free for monthly members / 2 punches

10% DISCOUNT for full time college students, veterans, seniors, and co-habiting couples.

Fitness & Yoga Class Descriptions

Our classes are taught with modifications of intensity to accommodate and challenge you no matter your level of fitness or flexibility. All fitness and experience levels are welcome. If you are new, please let the instructor know at the beginning of the class. We want you to have a fabulous experience and to feel safe at the same time. Attending a variety of classes is highly recommended to maximize strength, weight-loss/maintenance, flexibility & overall fitness.


This brand new class draws on Julia’s personal and professional experience with managing health issues. It is for those who are navigating a health journey and for those looking to build an inner environment to prevent illness. Resilience has been defined as “an individual’s ability to maintain or restore relatively stable psychological and physical functioning when confronted with stressful life events and adversities” (2019, Resilience in Cancer Patients). Research shows that highly resilient people tend to possess three common traits: acceptance, purpose, and flexibility. Each month we will focus on a specific area, using research-based evidence, to build a robust and resilient mind | body | spirit. 


This conditioning class targets the common problem areas and incorporates a mixture of core strength work, stretches and exercises for the legs, thighs, buttocks and stomach areas. If you want to get a firm core and tone deeply, this is a great workout for you!


Starting with 30 minutes strength training we follow with a flowing hatha practice woven together with Yin poses. This MIX will create a complete experience. Yin poses are held for 3-5 mins


“Sitting in stillness is the foundation of personal transformation. And, because stillness breeds stillness, sitting with others is a powerful advantage in this practice.” – Jeff Wright. Join Jeff each week for an hour of community in deep silence. Jeff will be available before and after each session to help you with any difficulties you may be having with your practice. Jeff Wright, MA, E-RYT500, holds degrees in philosophy and pedagogy and has an advanced certification in hatha yoga instruction. He has been practicing, teaching, and writing about yoga for most of his life: 45 years of practice, 30 years of teaching. His most recent book is Way of Stillness. Open to all!


In these open-level classes you’ll experience all the benefits of yoga - body alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques within the flow of the practice. We practice poses (asana), breathing well and sequencing to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

YOGA MASTER CLASS (2nd Friday of each month)

"Masterclasses are specialty classes in which learning objectives are achieved through in-depth practice accompanied by detailed instruction. A masterclass is like an extended practice session, except the focus is specific" - Yoga Alliance

Each month we invite a 'master' in their field of yoga to share their expertise and deepen our practice.


Qi gong is a gentle yet powerful energy and exercise practice that brings balance to the whole being. It helps transform, mental and physical tension to help us feel better in our bodies. Each practice incorporates breath with movement to awaken and enhance the flow of energy, clearing blocks and moving stagnation. Some of the many benefits of Qi gong include: reducing stress, building stamina, increasing vitality, strengthening the immune system, calming the mind, and reconnecting with the spirit.


In a meditation setting, the soothing sounds from singing bowls and other instruments can help bring about profound relaxation, which can help reduce stress and improve sleep and well-being.

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