Our next program begins JANUARY 2019! Learn to instruct yoga from your inner well-spring of wisdom, inspiration and authenticity. Contact Julia Theisen, Program Leader: (563) 581-8888 or julia@relaxlivewell.com.

Open yourself up to an experience of personal growth and transformation. This life changing program provides a safe, sacred community in which to explore and transform as an individual and as a teacher during this next stage of your evolution.
  • Awaken your spirit.
  • Unleash your untapped potential.
  • Become more fully who you are.

paradise2LIVE YOUR YOGA: Apply the principles of yoga to your life as you delve deeper into the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and practice.

  • Fully embrace and apply your learning – mind, body and spirit, during this transformational experience.
  • Learn more about yourself as you explore your inner world.
  • Positively influence the lives of those around you as you transform.

BECOME AN INSPIRATIONAL TEACHER: Learn to teach from your own inner well-spring of inspiration and wisdom so that both you and your future students can experience a more profound connection through yoga practice.

  • Teach from your heart center.
  • Sequence postures in a structured, easy to deliver format to create a flowing, balanced practice.
  • Expand your skills to connect in meaningful ways through your teaching.

CERTIFICATION: This 9 month (1 weekend per month & 3 additional days), 200 hour program, fulfills the requirements of Yoga Alliance so that you can become a certified and registered yoga instructor at the conclusion.

  • Train over a nine month period to allow for ample teaching practice and to feel well prepared to teach yoga at the program’s conclusion.
  • Be instructed by experienced yoga teachers who are also experts in group facilitation, adult education, curriculum design, health and wellness, hypnotherapy and meditation.
  • Learn from a host of visiting yoga instructors who share their own expertise and insights into teaching.

See our YTT 200 curriculum HERE.

To find out more, or to schedule a pre-registration interview, contact Julia Theisen: julia@relaxlivewell.com