“10 sessions you will feel better, 20 sessions you will look better, 30 sessions you will have a new body.”  – Joseph H. Pilates


Pilates has been described as a flowing motion outward from a strong center. Based on proper breathing, good posture and mental focus, the exercises are performed with ingeniously designed equipment that provides both resistance and assistance throughout your workout. The muscles are stretched and strengthened uniformly, resulting in long, sleek muscles.

Equipment-Based Pilates is a safe, low-impact, deep-muscle conditioning method that strengthens, stretches and balances the entire body. The “core” muscle groups are specifically targeted, which include the abdominals, pelvic floor, and the back. These muscles correct alignment and enable the body to move more efficiently.

Equipment-Based Pilates helps you to learn and maximize the intelligence of the body – it’s amazing and profound at the same time. The specially designed equipment includes the Reformer, Trapeze Table (or Cadillac), Combo Chair, Magic Circle, Swivel Disc, and foam rolls.

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50 Minute 4-5 Person Group Session: $20/person

50 Minute Private Session: $60/person

6 Pack of 50 Minute Private Sessions: $324

50 Minute Duet Session: $35/person

50 Minute Group Private Session (3-4 people): $75

30 Minute Private Session: $40/person

30 Minute Duet Session: $25/person

10 Class Punchcard: $185 ($18.50/class)

Drop in rate:+ $20

* EBP MEMBERS (at least 2 classes/week) get 50% OFF monthly yoga membership.

Equipment Based Pilates Schedule: 

This is a transitional schedule – thank you for your understanding. 

MONDAY: 9AM with Meghan through April 30th429

TUESDAY: 9AM / *10:00AM / *11:00AM with Rachel and 4:30PM / 5:30PM with Sue

WEDNESDAY: 7:30AM / 9AM with Sue

THURSDAY: 4:30PM with Sue

FRIDAY: 7:30AM  / 9AM / *10:00AM with Sue

*60+ Restorative Pilates – A slow paced reformer class for the mature client. We will focus on Pilates principles and movements with individual modifications.

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New to Equipment-Based Pilates?

All new Equipment-Based Pilates members must schedule a 50 minute private session. The cost is $60. During this private class you will be introduced to the equipment, the principles of Pilates, and learn the basics of movement on the equipment. To schedule, please call (563) 556-YOGA (9642).

Class Cancellation Policy

We make every effort to avoid class cancellations however we may cancel any class in which there is low enrollment. When there is a waiting list and instructor availability allows, we will add additional classes.

Client Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel or modify your scheduled session, please give 6 hours notice so that your session may be used by someone else. If 6 hours notice is not given, your scheduled session fee will be charged.

Weather Cancellation Policy

Equipment-based Pilates will follow the Dubuque Community School District for weather cancellations.  If DCSD has a two-hour delay, there will be no morning Pilates classes. If there is an early dismissal, there will be no afternoon or evening classes. If school is cancelled, then no Pilates classes that day.  You can check @ http://www.kcrg.com/cancellations for school closings.

If you are signed up for Pilates class and the class is cancelled due to weather, you may attend a complimentary group yoga or fitness class (excludes Fitness Series) THAT DAY at Body & Soul!