Betty_Heil_profileBetty (Elizabeth) Heil, M.S.W., L.I.S.W.
Counselor/Reiki Practitioner 

Providing individual, family, and couples counseling for adults. Areas of special interest include: women’s issues, self-esteem, grief/loss and stress management. In addition, betty treats those coping with anxiety, depression, abuse/trauma, relational challenges, agin, chronic health concerns, or any of life’s endless changes. Private pay or insurance accepted. Please call insurance provider for pre-authorization.

Betty also  provides the following services:

Akashic Records Readings by tapping into the wisdom of the Akashic records, your soul’s personal library with a book for every lifetime.  Learn about your soul lessons and contracts and how that information can help you navigate this lifetime. Sliding fee scale

Angel Card Readings-receive insight form the angels and  receive guidance in processing the meaning. 15-60 minute sessions.

Reiki Sessions-50 minute session $70

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Andrea_Beacham_sq_profileAndrea Beacham, M.A.ED., J.D., S.D.
Certified Spiritual Director and Facilitator – Meet Andrea HERE

Providing spiritual life coaching and counseling for adolescents and older. Andrea provides spiritual guidance for individuals, couples and families with concerns relating to spirituality, meaning, purpose, one’s relationship to the sacred, and all life challenges in general. She works with couples through pre and post marital guidance. Andrea works all stages of life and its challenges and joys. She also officiated weddings, baptisms, and funeral/memorial services, as well. Sliding scale. No insurance.

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VictoriaPutman-002_profileVictoria Putman, C.H.T., C.E.E.M., R.Y.T.
Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Healing Facilitator

Providing hypnotherapy and holistic healing for adults and children. Areas of expertise include life mastery, regressions, color light therapy, stress reduction, clearing mental and emotional blocks, smoking cessation, and weight release. Uncover negative mental patterns, restructure limiting beliefs, and find new clarity and motivation to move forward and create the life you desire. No insurance.

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Loraine McIntyre, MS, CBS, CSMS
Certified Biofeedback and Stress Management Specialist – Meet Loraine HERE
Certified HeartMath HRV Practitioner

Providing a variety of Biofeedback mediums from traditional to quantum energy based modalities. Infants to adults will benefit from these unique Biofeedback and Coaching services!  It’s the perfect starting point on your journey toward overall well-being and improved quality of life.  Enhance your body’s own natural ability to rebalance itself thereby facilitating overall health and well-being. It is drug-free, non-invasive, preventative and relaxing.

Biofeedback can also provide you with a comprehensive view of stress potentials in your body, empowering you with information.  Armed with information, you can then make clearer choices about your health and lifestyle.  When your body is in harmony, your immune system is stronger, you think more clearly and your overall quality of life and well-being are improved.  Learn to rebalance stress associated with pain, trauma, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, behavioral or emotional challenges or any other diagnosed condition or symptom, combined with stress management techniques to support and facilitate your body, mind and spirit.

Private sessions and group workshops available.  Some services may be covered by insurance, please check with your individual provider.  Packages are available.  Call to schedule a free Q & A session.  For more informations visit:

lorie murphy photoLorie Murphy, M.A., MBTI Certified
Personal Life Coach

Providing life coaching from a heart-centered and educational coaching approach. Her experience with Buddhist philosophy and practice also informs her therapeutic style. Lorie works with people of all ages – including individuals, families, and couples. Personal life coaching can help you identify and heal old wounds, behaviors, and thought patterns that may be causing anxiety and unhappiness. It can help you improve self-esteem, develop adaptive skills and improve family functioning, as well as establish and reach personal goals. First meeting is a complimentary 1/2 hour session to make sure that both the client and therapist/coach determine there is a good fit. Sliding scale. No insurance.

Molly Head ShotMolly Menster
Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Master of Social Work/Mediator/Yoga Instructor – Meet Molly HERE

Providing a blend of traditional and alternative counseling techniques to assist individuals (14 and older), couples, and families in culturally appropriate ways to move toward the wholeness they desire. Issues treated include stress, anxiety, and/or depression as they relate to healthy identity development, periods or change or transition, seeking purpose or meaning in life, conflict, and general life challenges. Additional expertise and interest: group facilitation, intercultural communication, mediation, Spanish language proficiency, yoga instruction, LGBTQ+, identity, discernment, relationships, marriage preparation, officiating wedding celebrations, spirituality, faith, meaning, and purpose.

First meeting is a complimentary 30 minute session to allow both the individual and therapist to discern whether there is a good fit. Sliding scale. No insurance.

Cathy Corkery
Registered Yoga Teacher (Advanced training in Yoga Therapy)

Working with movement, together we will see what’s moving well, what’s not moving well and what needs to be moving better! Learning about compensations in your movement patterns will move you towards pain reduction and healing. Having herself journeyed through the difficult path of persistent pain, Cathy brings a deep understand of pain and its disruption of daily life. Sessions are done fully clothed in a private space. Areas of special expertise includes: back and neck pain, pelvic issues (including frequency/urgency/retention, stress incontinence, pelvic pain), Sacro-Iliac (S.I.) pain, piriformis syndrome, diastasis recti, plantar fasciitis, and anxiety.

Hours: Wednesday (all day) and Saturday (mornings).

You can live a life free from persistent pain and suffering.