With any 60 minute (or longer swedish massage – excludes Hot Stone massage).  Now through May 31.

Cupping, the therapeutic application of suction cups to the body, is basically a “reverse massage.”  

A very popular healing modality in Asian cultures, it has been traced back thousands of years.  It is an effective and relaxing way to ease muscle stress and tension.  The application of the cups will gently pull the skin and muscles upward promoting blood and qi (chi) circulation, while stretching the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  When the cup is released you will feel relief, as the fascia (connective tissue) has been pulled away from the muscle and the muscle will have relaxed.  Please note – no flames are used in this particular therapy.

Cupping can leave round marks on your skin which are discolored and look like bruising, however it is not a bruise. The discolored marks are considered the expression of stuck energy, stagnant fluid and inflammation from old injury. The marks will fade in a few days or less.

Cupping is especially good for deep tissue massage, without the usual discomfort.  The cups are made of high transparent food-grade silicone rubber, which is safe and hygienic.

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