LEARN THE ART AND SCIENCE OF YOGA NIDRA with Indu Arora. If you love Yoga, seek Yoga, study Yoga, teach Yoga or any aspect of Yoga you must learn about Yoga Nidra. The study of yoga cannot end until we experience Yoga, and become Yoga. Yoga does not end at meditation. In fact the biggest mystery is how to extend that momentary experience of meditation and bridge the gap between Dhyana and Samadhi. That missing link is Yoga Nidra which allows us to create a consistent and continuous flow of absorption. Even a meditative mind is subject to emotions, various thought constructs and mind fields. Yoga Nidra practice allows one to be absorbed at the deepest, subtlest and most consolidated states of mind and yet perform day to day activities. It allows meditation to be a continuous flow instead of a momentary experience. Hear Indu talk more about the practice of Yoga Nidra HERE.

The training is open to 200-hour teachers, teacher trainees, or students with at least three years of yoga practice. Only RYT’s are eligible for 50 CEU’s from Yoga Alliance. This training includes 20 non-contact hours. An audio recording of the training will be provided to all participants. CLICK HERE to learn more about Indu Arora and for complete program details. Wednesday October 31st through Sunday November 4th. 9am-5pm daily. $750