TUESDAYS, 6-7pm. Body & Soul Sitting Group with Jeff Wright.“Sitting in stillness is the foundation of personal transformation. And, because stillness breeds stillness, sitting with others is a powerful advantage in this practice.” – Jeff Wright. Join Jeff every Tuesday evening from 6-7pm for an hour of community in deep silence. Jeff will be available before and after each session to help you with any difficulties you may be having with your practice. Jeff Wright, MA, E-RYT500, holds degrees in philosophy and pedagogy and has an advanced certification in hatha yoga instruction. He has been practicing, teaching, and writing about yoga for most of his life: 45 years of practice, 30 years of teaching. His most recent book is Way of Stillness . Open to all!

WEDNESDAYS, 6:45-8:30pm. Sound Healing Meditation with Doug Mills & Linda Duehr. Have you ever experienced the ancient, holistic power of a gong bath? Wondering what that even is? Immerse yourself in the audible beauty of the most resonant tone-producing instrument known. Bathe in its “om” vibrational frequency, which lives inside all creation—from the atom to the Universe. Just as a pebble’s effect ripples across a smooth lake, feel the gong’s relaxing, meditative, soothing yet energizing sound waves reverberate through your entire body. Bask in the body/mind balance that the gongs vibration will create in you. It will open a doorway for you to reach your inner voice of higher consciousness, attain non-judgment, enhance your intuition and creativity, and maintain calm amid the storms of life. Allow it to strengthen your auditory, nervous, and immune systems. Treat yourself to this unique sound massage, and reconnect to your soul with the stress-reducing gifts of the gong. Open to all!